quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2015

December 1963 (Laz7 Tortoise)

01 - This Boy
02 - All My Loving
03 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
04 - Chat
05 - Moonlight Bay
06 - Chat - Closing
07 - Juke Box Jury
08 - From Me To You
09 - I Saw Her Standing There
10 - All My Loving
11 - Roll Over Beethoven
12 - Boys
13 - Till There Was You
14 - She Loves You
15 - This Boy
16 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
17 - Money
18 - Twist And Shout
19 - From Me To You (Reprise)
20 - Interview By Dibbs Mather
21 - Interview

sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2015

From Then To You Deluxe Edition (Purple Chick)

25 April 1964 To 26 April 1964 (Lazy Tortoise)

01 - London - Gene Loving
02 - George Radio Promo
03 - Wembley - Gene Loving
04 - Introduction
05 - She Loves You
06 - You Can't Do That
07 - Twist And Shout
08 - Long Tall Sally
09 - Can't Buy Me Love
10 - Award Presentation
11 - Gene Loving
12 - Frankly Speaking

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Paul McCartney Toyko Dome Japan 7th March 1990 Soundboard 

segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

Just a point (2)

To all Blog followers, you will certainly find the continuing of that project in another places.

Not here anymore. 

The reason: "Please remove my creations from your blog. If you care about this material, you will want to see it continue, which I will do so on the site I upload these to. If you do not, I will stop distributing it altogether and then no one but myself will have it."
No additional comments are necessary...

Best wishes, to ALL...

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

The Ultimate Archive Collection by Voo-Doo Records - Just a point

Recently, I am posting here the superb project created by daveidmarx, entitled "The Ultimate Archive Collection". (Mentioned in each post: Voo-Doo Records)

As I suppose, it is freely shared among McCartney fans. (WogBlog. June, 1st 2015), Isn't it?

In respect to the above mentioned author and to this blog fans (700 views daily), the files are shared as they were created, which means, in this case, FLAC FORMAT.

The only one effort I make is no more than the track listing. The shared link is exacly the same you all guys may find at related blogs and forums.

Octaner's Blog NEVER claimed, and won't do that ever, to be the author of any project, disc or material  posted since 2007.

I do not "take the stuff" you put up at specialized forum and "uploads them here", as mentioned in two comments, Nor in this particular project (which is SIMPLY AMAZING, I repeat), nor any other, for a simply reason:  This means nothing to me,

It's enough to me to give to many fans, access to the same material we have as "collectors"...


Renato (whoever I am)...

terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2015