domingo, 11 de fevereiro de 2007

Casualties (Unreleased US Mono/Stereo LP - Capitol)

BITRATE: 320 Kbps

01. Please Please Me

02. I Want To Hold Your Hand
03. Money (That's What I Want)

04. A Hard Day's Night
05. I'll Cry Instead
06. Ticket To Ride

07. Yes It Is
08. Day Tripper
09. I'm Only Sleeping
10. Strawberry Fields Forever
11. I Am The Walrus
12. Only A Northern Song
13. Revolution
14. Her Majesty

15. Let It Be

16. Love Me Do

17. From Me To You

Comments: Titled Casualties, this record was first issued as a picture disc and like its predecessor, also sported a fictitious Capitol Records catalog number (SEAX 11950). The front of the record featured the full, uncropped "Butcher Cover" photo Randall Davis had wanted to use as the Rarities cover. On the back were the track listings with detailed notes about each song, plus rare black-and-white photos of the Beatles, supposedly from Capitol Records' files. Two of the tracks on this album are "outfakes" - The included "long version" of I'll Cry Instead is a fake. The original mono "long" mix was composed of two different sections. On the Casualties cut, the first verse of the stereo version has just been spliced into the middle to make it appear like the long version. On Her Majesty, apparently the "final chord" was taken from a bootleg recording and added on. Since the final chord does not appear with Her Majesty on the existing master tape, the version on Casualties is definitely bogus. (HM was spliced out of the middle of the Get Back album, where it lost the chord. With a 20 second leader, it was added onto the tail end of Abbey Road.).


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hello octaner
file is already deleted at rapidshare. any chance for re-upload? tks.