sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2007

Lennon Legend - Limited Edition

Link kindly offered by MaVix.. Thank you!
01. Imagine
02. Instant Karma!
03. Mother (Single Edit)
04. Jealous Guy
05. Power To The People
06. Cold Turkey
07. Love
08. Mind Games
09. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
10. #9 dream
11. Stand By Me
12. (Just Like) Starting Over
13. Woman
14.Beautiful boy (darling boy)
15.Watching the wheels
16.Nobody told me
17.Borrowed time
18.Working class hero
19.Happy xmas (war is over)
20.Give peace a chance


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Anônimo disse...

John Lennon - Anthology (Box set 4 CD) 2007

Download link :-

Anônimo disse...

What is special in the Limited Edition? What is the difference from the normal tracks? Thanks, Alfred (Siwtzerland)

Octaner disse...

Alfred, sorry for the late reply.
In fact, the disc 2 of this reissue is missing...