domingo, 24 de junho de 2007

Swedish Radio Show

BITRATE: 320 Kbps
01 - Intro
02 - I Saw Her Standing There
03 - From Me To You
04 - Money (That's What I Want)
05 - Roll Over Beethoven
06 - You Really Got A Hold On Me
07 - She Loves You
08 - Twist And Shout


6 comentários:

Anônimo disse...


Hurry also what new always the same old shit.

Octaner disse...

Listen carefully what I will told you, "anonimous": IF YOU DON'T APPRECIATE things I'm posting here, get lost.
What you call as "old shit" is new for other visitors.
I do not have obligations to hear bullshit as yours, thatdon't have to guts even to sign your name...
You probably must find "better" things on pay sites.

Anônimo disse...

Hallo octaner,
I agree with you totally.
Your Beatles-site is the best I ever found.

Octaner disse...

thanks for your support "W".
Unfortunatelly, there is a kind of people who, besides their bad english, are ungratefull and stupid enough to post a unhappy comment... As the song said: "get back to where you once belonged..."

I don't give a shit to them...

andy s disse...

ignore that idiot,there will be plenty of people who need this and will be gratefull for you posting it.

Octaner disse...

Yeah Andy. Usually I won't allow that comment to be posted. But I thought important to give "him" a public reply...
By the way: where you all read "Listen carefully what I will TOLD..." please consider: "TELL"...
I was so pissed off that made that mistake.. lol :-)