terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2007

Thirty Days - The Get Back Sessions

The real title of the boxset is: "Thirty Days With Don't Let Me Down and 187 other songs, The Ultimate Get Back Sessions Collection.

30 Days - The Get Back Sessions - 17 CD's
CD's 1-4: 
The Best Of The Twickenham Sessions

CD's 5-13: 
The Best Of The Apple Studios Sessions

CD 14: 
The Complete Apple Rooftop Concert

CD's 15-16: 
The Complete Apple Studios Performance

CD 17: 
Glyn John's First Get Back Compilation

5 comentários:

sgtpepper0911 disse...

Hi Octaner.. Can you post the password for 30 Days - The Get Back Sessions? Password is not working - www.chilewarez.com Also, can you also post the password for complete Home recordings 67-68? thank you so much!

Octaner disse...

The correct password is:


Sidney disse...

We love you man!!Thanks for keeping my "beatle appetite" bigger than ever!!!

Dude Labowski disse...

"www.chilewarez.org" is not working for part 8 =[. is this the correct password?

Octaner disse...

Dude, I think the password is correct. Please keep trying.