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Rough Notes

A superb contribution by Woody (http://boogiewoody.blogspot.com/)
Thanks man!
Review by: Pasadena (Bootleg Zone) - An over-rated album. first of all, it has a lot of inaccurate information, such as listing this boy as an alternate remixed version when it is in fact a bbc recording. and if i want you she's so heavy and i need you are the beatles then i'm George Martin. these are obvious fakes. the i want you is obviously not paul on vocals but someone doing a lousy imitation. and the i need you (NOT THE GEORGE TUNE) claims on the album to be sung by john sounds absolutley nothing like lennon. One after 909 and 2 of us are hardly stunning quality. pretty good but not "stunning". the paul and george solo stuff is pretty good quality and fairly interesting, but when i look for beatle boots, I'm looking for beatles as a group recordings, not solo stuff.I think the most interesting track is the obviously different recording of honey dont but again the quality is pretty good but not excellent. this is a little better than average album at best.

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French artists sings Beatles-songs on french.
Very strange
What have they done with these songs

192 kBps

TROVATORI « Tu perds ton temps » (Please Please Me)
LYNN « Tu changeras d’avis » (Bad To Me)
JIMMY FREY « Elle t’aime » (She Loves You)
RICHARD ANTHONY « Toi l’ami » (All My Loving)
LES LIONCEAUX « Mais ne viens plus » (Don’t Bother Me)
JEANCLAUDE BERTHON « Je te veux toute à moi » (I Wanna Be Your Man)
LES FIZZ « Si tu fais ça » (You Can’t Do That)
OLIVIER DESPAX « Et je l’aime » (And I Love Her)
LES KELTON « Oui je reviens » (When I Get Home)
AKIM « Humm ! Qu’elle est belle » (I Feel Fine)
FRANÇOIS FABRICE « Les garçons sont fous » (Think For Yourself)
DOMINIQUE « Michelle » (Michelle)
LES BLUE NOTES « Rêve » (Girl)
DANIELLE DENIN « Je lis dans tes yeux » (I’m Looking Through You)
ERICK SAINT LAURENT « Eleonor Rigby » (Eleanor Rigby)
MONIQUE LEYRAC « Dismoi » (Here, There And Everywhere)
JEANMARIE & RAOUL « Le sousmarin vert » (Yellow Submarine)
DOMINIQUE WALTER « Penny Lane » (Penny Lane)
MARCEL AMONT « Dans 45 ans » (When I’m Sixty Four)
SZABO « Il pleure dans mon cœur » (Hey Jude)
GERARD St PAUL « Bang bang Maxwell » (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer)