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For The Last Time - Original Vinyl Rip

A very special thanks for Vincent for his efforts and continuous support. Way to go man!

Vince's comments:
This is another hard to find, "The Beatles - For The Last Time", vinyl bootleg LP from Aftermath Records (1976). The quality and graphics are not too bad considering the age and wear. I have many more I will send as I complete the necessary improvements to them.

BTW, I really enjoy being able to share these, like you, with other Beatles fans. I am old enough to remember their 1st Ed Sullivan TV appearance and collected all their 'official' recordings and a few boots. Much to my regret I do not have them any longer so your website helps me recollect the music I miss. In my later years I worked for ABC/Dunhill Records for several years and have spent a lot of studio time with many recording artists. Not as a producer but at a Record Company representative (Director of Artist Relations). I have only met George Harrison when he was recording down the hall at the Record Plant one evening in Los Angeles. A moment I will never forget.

BITRATE: 256 Kbps + FLAC
01 - Let It Be (rehearsal)
02 - Dizzy Miss Lizzy (live)
03 - Sie Liebt Dich
04 - Honey Don't
05 - Sure To FAll (In Love With You)
06 - I Need You
07 - For You Blue
08 - Twist And Shout
09 - You Can't Do That (live)
10 - All My Loving (live)
11 - If I Needed Someone (live)
12 - Day Tripper (live)
13 - She Loves You (live)
14 - Things We Said Today (live)
15 - Roll Over Beethoven (live)
16 - For The Last Time - Side 1 FLAC
17 - For The Last Time - Side 2 FLAC


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