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Get Back Sessions - Original Vinyl Rip

An excellent job! Special thanks to Vincent for this!!!

BITRATE: 128 Kbps + FLAC
01 - Get Back
02 - The Walk
03 - Let It Be
04 - One After 909i
05 - Teddy Boy
06 - Two Of Us
07 - Don't Let Me Down
08 - I've Got A Feeling
09 - The Long And Winding Road
10 - Dig It
11 - For You Blue
12 - Dig A Pony
13 - Get Back
14 - Get Back Sessions (Side 1) - FLAC (entire side 1)
15 - Get Back Sessions (Side 2) - FLAC (entire side 2)

Vince's coments:
The Flac file is the original vinyl side with clicks, noise and hiss. I converted the Flac to MP3 and put the MP3 through a software I have to eliminate the clicks, noise and hiss as much as possible. Usually the results are great but sometimes very difficult to remove everything depending on the condition of the vinyl. Next I separated the tracks with fade-ins and fade-outs to make them distinctive tracks. As for the artwork, I took the original scan, which due to the age, is usually very worn out and discolored so I manually, with other software, cleaned up the graphics as best as possible to make them more presentable. This part usually takes me 1 to 2 days to clean up. So, what you have is, (14-15 ) the original Flac vinyl file of Side 1 and Side 2, separated tracks (01-13) and two copies of the artwork before and after the cleaning. The combination of the files would allow the 'downloader' to choose what they want and don't want. You can definitely tell the difference (usually) after the files have been cleaned up without the noise, etc.
Publisher: Trade Mark Of Quality - cat. TMOQ 1801 - 1979


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