segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010

Hidden Interviews At Essential Unofficial White LP

Great stuff provided by Russ! Enjoy

Disc 2 - We were able to isolate and reverse the last 19:01 of track 14, Helter Skelter, from disc 2. After some initial babbling by Yoko the rest of it is a radio interview with Paul the day before the White Album's official release, except for the very end which has more Yoko babbling and then a short doodling by Paul and John.

Disc 5: The first 90 seconds of dead air is gone. What remains is a short exchange between David Frost and John, and then a really short exchange between David Frost and Yoko, edited to various very short lengths and repeated 26 times, if I counted correctly! Why someone would go to the trouble to create this nonsense is beyond me.

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