sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010

Nothing Is Real - Original Vinyl Rip

Vincent's comments:
This vinyl is called, "Northing Is Real", NEMS BUD 280 (1985). It has several outtakes of, "Strawberry Fields Forever", as well as several other tracks during this recording period. They are from the acetate source and not the 'Peter Sellers Tape'. All tracks and art are broken down as usual.

BITRATE: 320 Kbps + FLAC
01 - Strawberry Field Forever (Take 2)
02 - Strawberry Field Forever (Take 1)
03 - Strawberry Field Forever (Takes 3&4)
04 - Strawberry Field Forever (Take 25)
05 - Strawberry Field Forever (Take 26)
06 - Strawberry Field Forever (Rm3)
07 - Strawberry Field Forever (Stereo Mix 1971))
08 - Not Guilty
09 - I'm Only Sleeping
10 - Hey Jude
11 - Revolution
12 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
13 - Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
14 - Nothing Is Real (Side 1).flac
15 - Nothing Is Real (Side 2).flac


2 comentários:

NickTaxi disse...

isnce I heard Christmas time is here again in that disc, could you please upload the Beatles Christmas Records??

Spiderjeru disse...

I appreciate that a lot of work must go into creating these but honestly, with all the Purple Chicks downloads available for these songs, how much demand can there really be for such outdated compilations? These are vinyl artifacts - do they really merit a digital translation?