quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Beatlegs Podcasts - Vol. 55


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take_casa disse...

hello Octaner, from Tokyo Japan.
No.55 pod cast file is destroyed.
I'll wait for it.
thank you

Octaner disse...

Take Casa the link is fully functional here. Just tested it a few min ago.
Please try again

take_casa disse...

Hello Octaner, sorry again.
4 jpg files are OK, but flac file stops at 7:30 (john's watching wheel).
check out , please!
thank you.

Personal disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um administrador do blog.
Octaner disse...

Take_casa: very sorry about that. will re-up right now.

Tks. man

Jean-François disse...


N°55 pod cast file seems to be corrupted again and really misses!

Thanks in advance and for all the great job you do for Beatlemaniacs like me.

Jean-François from France

Octaner disse...

New link is now available

Unknown disse...

Hello Octaner,

I downloaded this podcast a long time ago and didn't realise there was a problem with the Vol. 55 file untill now.

Is there any change you might upload the podcasts again in some other host now that megaupload is unfairly gone?

Thanks a lot for sharing through this Blog