sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

Macca's 21 June 1976

Picture taken by Vincent.
Wings Over The World Tour - 1976
The history:

"I am not a photographer but on this night, 21th June, 1976, I got lucky and snapped this black and white of Paul in concert with Wings at the Forum in Los Angeles.
I remember it as an incredible concert and how much of a perfectionist he is. Years ago I sent a copy of the picture to Steinway Piano (the piano he used in his concerts) and I received a nice 'Thank You' letter from Mr. Steinway himself. You are the only other person on this planet that has a copy of this rare and lucky shot. I hope you enjoy it." - Vincent.

Now, with his authorization, I am proudly post it for all Octaner's Blog comunity! Enjoy

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Blank Frank disse...

I was at the show too!! It was a great night, wasn't it. BTW, did you see George H there in '74?