sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

UN World Water Day Advertising

"The music would loose too much without water. Preserve It."
March 22th - World Water Day

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Kwai Chang disse...

What's next? A Beatles carbon tax... OR, maybe BEATLESREX84... OR, maybe Buzz Aldrin will promote The Beatles Moon Concert... Do not be deceived ...It is still only Rocket-Surgery.
Let's NOT go there (again). Whew!

Octaner disse...

Kwai Chang, I think you didn't got the point, on the correct use of the water and natural resources, huh?

About your second comment... either.

Kwai Chang disse...

My brother, let me assure you that I choose my words carefully. I only want to show my gratitude by offering more than just 'thank you'. I'm actually disappointed that I haven't stimulated any more feedback than I have. But the issues are important enough to at least hint at, and I CERTAINLY ENJOY having a place like your site to 'cleanse the waters of my mind'.
Did I get the point? Maybe not! Would the Yellow Submarine actually survive all that Flouride and Chlorine?
It was bad enough to see Elvis Presley with Richard Nixon... But The Bilderberg Beatles is what this alludes to. That's NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! I'm done!
I love your site! Keep it up...your hard work is appreciated! Thanx, again!