sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

The Beatles.com.br

Octaner's Blog was mentioned at "The Beatles.com.br" as a Top Ten Beatles blog.

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Thanks to Mr. ][ for the nomination. And congratulations to all other bloggers for their effort.

Jan / 2010

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Kwai Chang disse...

The Octaner does not contend...thus, no one may contend against him! A man one with himself places no value on rank or reward. He simply does things that need to be done. He knows that the only real way to DO...is to BE! He seeks only to find himself, which may explain his popularity among the masses. Peace, Octaner.
Hey, I'm headin' North...which way you goin'?

vjm530 disse...

There's one important thing that separates Octaner from the rest . . . DOWNLOADS! Congratulations my friend for being acknowledged.

Luiz Lennon disse...

vc é grande, meu brother