terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Off The Ground The Complete Works - Disc 2

Special thanks to "Rarebeatles - Ineditos" for this great job

BITRATE: 192 Kbps
01 - Long Leather Coat
02 - Keep Coming Back To Love
03 - Sweet Sweet Memories
04 - Things We Said Today
05 - Midnight Special
06 - Style Style
07 - I Can't Imagine
08 - Cosmically Conscious
09 - Kicked Around No More
10 - Big Boys Bickering
11 - Down To The River
12 - Soggy Noodle

2 comentários:

pablocn disse...

Thank you, this is a great record and it's really hard to find on the web. I'd like to write you in portuguese but unfortunely I only know a few words... like "Muito Obrigado"

Octaner disse...

Thank you for your kind words, Pablo. I wish I could speak in spanish too, but I also know a few words... like "Muchas Gracias"

I'm glad that you appreciated the post