sexta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2013

Sgt. Pepper - A History Of The Beatle Years - Volume 1 to 5

BITRATE: 320 Kbps
TRACKS LIST, graphics and pictures are available in each link of this serie.

VOLUME 1:!Y0VmEbAC!ejDCwDajHWRDpj5dRpIKUxl5r6B2hV95T787FGNPN7c

VOLUME 2:!J1FghIhI!ON64qyy7cU4tCeCmxsUHgHfdRrc7AhejW2MtYLDFCRk

VOLUME 3:!ckUlTQCT!QkWKrWsn5qcDhfjFRhUwPlqFrXNqx1hUSXZovFUzk1I

VOLUME 4:!Fscw0AJT!BL8zQCUmJy-Ukr230zeBfldPPWFUGO5b20xw7O4JqJ0

VOLUME 5:!gwNyFbha!Zm9ls0sFqdgxdAdXvY9aA0dGmKAYPEtqYKK4hcP1x9U

2 comentários:

Claude disse...


I'm not sure that part 5 is complete. First, there is no artwork and, second, the file is smaller than the 4 other ones.

Can you confirm if I'm right or I'm wrong ?

Renato Moretti disse...

It's smaller Claude (part 5)