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The BBC Archives - Volume 14

01 - Good Morning Listeners
02 - The Ivor Novello Awards
03 - Top of The Pops interview
04 - Where It's At Paul promo
05 - Where It's At John intro
06 - Where It's At Ringo
07 - Where It's At John intro
08 - Where It's At John
09 - Where It's At Paul
10 - Where It's At Paul
11 - Where It's At Paul promo
12 - Where It's At Paul
13 - Scene And Heard George part 1
14 - Scene And Heard George part 2
15 - Scene And Heard Ringo
16 - Where It's At John
17 - The Kenny Everett Show John
18 - Night Ride
19 - The Kenny Everett Show raw tape
20 - All Together On The Wireless Machine

This is an updated version of V14. The changes are:

- an extra minute or so has been added to George's Scene And Heard interview, thanks to a BZ member who spotted it in a radio restrospective some time ago.
- the raw Kenny Everett tape has been replaced with a version without the skips.
- track 2 has been shortened slightly to remove Penny Lane. The complete segment is available on Top Of The Pops 1 (V22) .
- All Together On The Wireless Machine has been upgraded slightly.
- Where It's At from May '67 has a few extra bits at the start and end to improve the continuity.
- Where It's At from Nov '67 has an extra bit with John talking about Strawberry Fields (removed from V15 which I have also updated), and the bit with Chris Denning at the end has been removed and placed at the end of the bonus version of the show (see below)
- a bonus folder is included with the complete 90 minute Where It's At from May '67, the complete120 minute Kenny Everett Show from June 1968, and the recently discovered Magical Mystery Tour feature from Where It's At in late 1967. This last track is a highly edited and "Kenny-fied" version of the John Lennon interview, complete with crazy sound effects and singing from Everett. He also snipped out Chris Denning (whose show it was), prompting a complaint from the man at the end.

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humdinger disse...

Thank you for these posts - they're great. Is it possible to do the specials with the same server as the other albums since they don't work? Thanks again

Octaner disse...

The specials will be uploaded this week.
The "Abroad" is now fixed.