quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2015

The BBC Archives - Volume 16 (Updated)

01 - Radio 1 Jingle
02 - Scene And Heard (28th September 1969)
03 - Scene And Heard (12-19th Oct 1969)
04 - The World This Weekend
05 - Scene And Heard (26th Oct 1969)
06 - Kenny Everett's Christmas Show
07 - Profile
08 - Midday Spin
09 - Radio 1 Jingle

2 comentários:

Ricardo disse...

Hola Octaner! Porque el up date ? cual es el cambio ?

Octaner disse...

Hola Ricardo,
The main change is the addition of three "Everett Is Here" interviews from 1969 (tracks 7, 8 and 10) that are not listed in Howlett's book, which is what I used to compile the set. There is some confusion over the dating but the George interview at least was almost certainly broadcast on the 26th of July because the parade he gives a plug to took place on Sunday the 27th according to a newspaper report. Paul's interview seems likely to be from the same day. Thanks to John Winn for clearing that up.