terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2015

Venus And Mars - The Ultimate Archive Collection (Voo-Doo Records)


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Judemac disse...

Why is this file in a mp3 type download, easier if it was in a regular zipped folder don't cha think?

Judemac disse...

It was a nice collection nevertheless.

Octaner disse...

This is a shared link. That's because it is not easy to keep all Octaner's files at free spaces.
Tried partnership with users, unsucessfully.
Any suggestions, Judemac ?

ney disse...

Great Files, thank you so much!

Luis Urtaza disse...

Octaner...increible y gracias por compartir. Hay manera que pudieras volver a subir a mega.co.nz los archivos de Meet the Threetles y el de Anthology Sessions que subiste en el 2007 .

Fuera un gran favor.

Mil Gracias Eternas

Luis Urtaza disse...

Octaner...would it be possible for you to upload on mega.co.nz the 2007 files you uploaded of Meet the Threetles and the Anthology Sessions?
I would be forever in your debt.
Thank you in advance!