quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

Minus One - Disc 2

Listen to it first. Then watch the tags on each song!!!


01 - What Goes On
02 - In My Life
03 - Run For Your Life
04 - Paperback Writer
05 - Eleanor Rigby
06 - I'm Only Sleeping
07 - Here There And Everywhere
08 - And Your Bird Can Sing
09 - Dr Robert
10 - Penny Lane
11 - Strawberry Fields Forever
12 - Strawberry Fields Forever
13 - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
14 - All You Need Is Love
15 - The Fool On The Hill
16 - Your Mother Should Know
17 - Across The Universe
18 - Back In The USSR
19 - Come Together extra gtr part
20 - Because
21 - Something

6 comentários:

Leo Rattans disse...

Having bought 1+ dvd (and cd, again!), I'm curious for this.
It should be noted though, disc two is not in flac but in wav.

Humberto Ortega Gutiérrez disse...

Mil gracias, gran trabajo el que haces con tu blog, a bajarlo haber que tal, saludos!!

Leo Rattans disse...

I enjoy the listening, but I watch like you say and see nothing. What is supposed to show? I use VLC, do I need an upgrade or a different player?
Muito obrigado either way.

Octaner disse...

Leo, the Disc 3 will contain a file with all the comments for each song / source.

Unknown disse...

Very nice!
Could get any artwork?

Hector Castillo disse...

thank YOU!