terça-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2018

Imagine - Wide Stereo Remix

Special thanks to LCA for this great contribution!!!
Good job, man!

"The 10 songs were remixed from the 7-track Rock Band files. It's almost identical to the original 8-track - the two vocal tracks were reduced to just one, creating this 7-track virtual tape.
I created a new stereo mix inspired by Beatles stereo mixes, with the instruments mixed far-left and far-right and the vocals centered.
The original LP stereo mix (also presented in the first CD release and the 2010 remaster) has a narrow stereo in almost all songs, with few exceptions. The 2000 remixed & remastered release has a much better sound, but still with little separation.
The Imagine album was never mixed or released in true mono, although in Brazil, it was released in a fold-down mono mix (AKA fake mono or stereo-to-mono mix).

BITRATE: 256 Kbps

01 - Imagine
02 - Crippled Inside
03 - Jealous Guy
04 - It's So Hard
05 - I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
06 - Gimme Some Truth
07 - Oh My Love
08 - How Do You Sleep
09 - How
10 - Oh Yoko

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Marco Masserio disse...

The RAR files don't open. Do I need a password?
The same with Wings Wild life...

Octaner disse...

No password is requested here or at Wild Life.
Please try again, or update you WinRar software (https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0)

Marco Masserio disse...

Ok, thanks :-)

Marco Masserio disse...

Thank you :-)

Nurk Twin disse...

Outstanding remixing. Is there any possible way whatsoever the creator can make a lossless version available for sharing?

Nurk Twin disse...

Outstanding remix. Is there any way that a lossless version can be made available for sharing?