sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2018

Press To Play Sessions (Misterclaudel)


Stranglehold (Rough Mix 1)
Stranglehold (Rough Mix 2)
Stranglehold (Rough Mix 3)
Stranglehold (Rough Mix 4)
Good Times Coming (Rough Mix Complete Version)
Talk More Talk (Rough Mix)
Talk More Talk (Rough Mix With Alternate Edit)
Talk More Talk (Rough Mix 12")
Footprints (Alternate Take, Rough Mix)
Only Love Remains (Single Mix)
Only Love Remains (Royal Variety Show)
Only Love Remains (The Tube)
Press (Alternate Take, Rough Mix)
Press (Hugh Padgham Single Mix)
Press (Hugh Padgham Extgended Mix)
Press (Bevans Forward Video Edit)
Press (Bevans Forward Promo Edit)
Press (Bevans Forward Extended Dub Mix)

Pretty Little Head (Rough Mix)
Pretty Little Head (Alternate Extended Mix)
Pretty Little Head (Remix 7")
Pretty Little Head (Remix 12")
Move Over Busker (Alternate Take, Rough Mix)
Angry (Session Jam)
Angry (Remix 12")
However Absurd (Rough Mix)
Write Away (Rough Mix)
It's Not True (Alternate Take, Rough Mix)
It's Not True (Single Mix)
Tough On A Tightrope (Alternate Take, Rough Mix)
Tough On A Tightrope (Extended 12" Version)
Strangehold Video Shoot (Band Intro)
Strangehold Video Shoot (Fortune Teller)
Strangehold Video Shoot (Love Is Strange)
Strangehold Video Shoot (Tequila)
Strangehold Video Shoot (Cactus Club Improvisation)

Strangehold (Video Soundtrack)
Yvonne's The One (Album Outtake)
McCartney Special (Video Shoot With Live Vocal #1)
McCartney Special (Video Shoot With Live Vocal #2)
Spies Like Us (Demo)
Spies Like Us (Alternate Take, Rough Mix 1)
Spies Like Us (Alternate Take, Rough Mix 2)
Spies Like Us (Alternate Take, Rough Mix 3)
Spies Like Us (DJ Version)
Spies Like Us (Party Mix)
Spies Like Us (Alternate Party Mix Rough Version)
Spies Like Us (Art Of Noise Remix)
Loveliest Thing (Different Mix)
Press To Play Album Party (Radio Show)

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